let me quantify…

I realize before I embark on my little excursion, I need to quantify the extent to which I feel comfortable in the kitchen. I think this list might provide an accurate picture:

  • Currently, it would suffice to describe myself as my mom’s personal sous chef. I am perfectly qualified to construct a salad, chop vegetables and, most importantly, wash dishes. I suppose dish-washing is my core kitchen competency. A mother’s dream…
  • I can make salsa and guacamole without a recipe. Yes! Points for me.
  • I’ve mastered the Toll-House chocolate chip cookie recipe.
  • I can make pasta (not from scratch, of course), but I am deathly afraid that I will undercook or overcook it.
  • I would go out to dinner before I serve guests meat. I would either poison them with raw chicken or make them gag with the equivalent of rubber chicken. Cute.
  • I’ve technically made a few dinners, pasta and such, but not without the guiding hands and eyes of my mother. It might be true that my few attempts have resulted in my yelling in front of the stove for my mom to come downstairs and save me.
  • This Thanksgiving I made really good cranberry sauce.
  • Oh yes. And the only TV I ever watch is the Food Network. Ina Garten and Giada are my favs. Paula Deen is cute, too.

I like good food, I know what good food is. I just don’t know how to make it. It also might be important to mention that I am a complete health nut. Interesting combination…


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