pots vs. pans

I’m tired of pretending I know how to cook.  I think sometimes I even convince myself that I could tackle any recipe and conquer those pots and pans in the cabinets.  Um, how about not.

Sure, I’ve bought enough cookbooks, purchased enough cooking magazines, perused enough food blogs, and read enough food-related literature to portray an image of kitchen savvy-ness.  But, in truth, I am just a poser.

Great.  So now I’ve just finished my freshman year in college—tired of consuming substances that semi resemble food in the dining hall—and face three months at home before I venture off to live in my (gasp) sorority house next year.

And my response to this situation?…Expose my attempt to master basic kitchen skills to the World Wide Web.

I suppose it is slightly presumptuous to assume anyone will actually stumble upon my blog, let alone take the time to read it.  Oh well.  This journey is a personal battle.


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